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Having worked in the fashion industry as a stylist for over 10 years, I’ve developed a very definite eye for finishing details.

My diversion into jewellery making came during two years of living and travelling throughout India and Asia. I found myself constantly riffling through market stalls collecting treasures and artifacts. Then to pass time on endless train journeys I started to sketch a collection of earrings that I promised myself one day I would make.

Back home in London and unable to shake this idea out of my head I found myself signing up for a beginners silver jewellery course in Hatton Garden.

Through dedication and a relentless habit of always seeing things through, I started to learn more about the trade and found myself a small team of craftsman to help me produce my designs.

Every piece I design is a piece of jewellery I would wear and without effort comprar cialis espana. I really wanted to create beautifully understated jewellery that still manages to be completely eyecatching and irresistible - that delicate necklace you wear every day and someone always comments on it. The perfect statement earrings that finish every look, yet never feel too much.

Everything is pared down and uncomplicated much like myself.

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